Educational Robotics in Madagascar

#Robotika is the name of teams representing Madagascar at international or regional robotics competitions.

The selection of team members and training are provided by the STEM For Good movement.

Why robotics?

Educational robotics is a shortcut that allows young people passionate about STEM to apply the scientific theories they have seen in school. Robotics combines mechanics, electronics, mathematics and computer programming. For countries like Madagascar whose educational content has not been updated for several decades, doing educational robotics allows students to be at the same level as those in developed countries.

Upcoming events & competitions

FIRST Global Challenge is an annual international robotic “Olympics”-style event that brings together youth from around the world to share in their passion for STEM. It’s about more than just the robot. It’s about inspiring the next generation to become changemakers.

Robotex international is a robotics festival during which thousands of engineers, executives, students and families come together to be inspired by industry leaders, examine new startups, build robots for various challenges and learn about the latest technology innovations.

Techfest, IIT Bombay is the annual science and technology festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Started in 1998, it has now grown into Asia’s Largest Science and Technology Festival.

New teams

Robotika – FIRST Global Challenge 2020

  • Robotika U18 – Robotex 2020 [member selection in progress]
  • Robotika Univ – Robotex 2020 [member selection in progress]
  • Girls Robotika – TechFest 2020/2021 [member selection in progress]

Old teams

Robotika Univ – Technorion & TechFest 2019/2020

Girls Robotika – Robotex 2019

Robotika – FIRST Global Challenge 2019, Dubai UAE

Robotika Univ – TechFest 2018, Mumbai

Robotika – FIRST Global Challenge 2018, Mexico City

Robotika – FIRST Global Challenge 2017, Washington DC